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In life, there are truth and lies. Truth are good and you can prove them as such. Truths are usually absolute. Lies on the other hand are statements that you cannot prove to be true. Part of the facts about truth and lies is the fact that there is a grey area between truth and lies. There are certain things that are not absolute truth. They are merely partial or situational truth. Permit me to enlighten you with some examples. The fact that it always rains when somebody you know gives birth does not mean that it always rain whenever people gives birth. That situation may just be nature coinciding with family planning. However, it is inarguable that whenever you throw something up, it will always come down. We call these situational truths myths. Myths range from statements that are partially true to false statements.

If you have an ecommerce shop or wanna build a shop today you should learn this 4 Common Myths about E-Commerce Development

Today, we will be looking at some myths about ecommerce development. This will help you understand ecommerce beyond woocomerce custom price, mix and match woocomerce. This is very important to all stakeholders of ecommerce. Truth is, you may even be a victim of one of the four common myths about ecommerce development I will talk about today without knowing. As I remember mentioning earlier, myths are sometimes situational truths. The fact that it is working at a point in time does not make it true. So sit back, relax and digest the facts, as I will be dispelling four common myths about ecommerce development.

Your business is too small for an online presence

This may seem like something of which people without an online presence are guilty. However, that is not always the case. It may surprise you to know that even individual who already have a running website still feel like their business is too small for an online presence. Hence, the reason for their poor attitude towards their websites. Truth is, there is no business that is too small for an online presence. In fact, every legitimate business deserves an online presence. This could be your perfect opportunity to expand. Search engines works with local search. This means that people close to you will see your business when they search for something related to what you have to offer online.

Content marketing is an ineffective digital marketing strategy

Tons of people (including some digital marketers) do not like content marketing. They have a number of reasons for that. One of them is that content marketing does not seem to be direct and aggressive enough. It is excessively indirect and subtle according to them. At some point, a number of people were of the opinion that content marketing was dead. This is very far from the truth. Content marketing is actually a good way to market. Content marketing involves “putting out a content on an area you specialize with the intent that people will patronize you”. Kindly take note of the word “hope”. That word is the main reason why some digital marketers do not like content marketing. However, content marketing should not be about hope if you want it to. Taking your type of audience into consideration, you can determine the amount of content you will put in or hold back to foster enquiries. The idea of content marketing is to make your customers trust you and come to you not you to them. Maybe a subtle and less direct approach is what we need.

Revenue is all that matters

Another area people get it wrong is assuming that all is well because you are getting the ROI you desire. It will not be totally helping yourself by focusing on how much is coming in. You should consider everything. You can employ the use of AI in analyzing and interpreting your data. Identify areas that are just wasting resources and cut down on them. Identify areas that need additional resources to give better results. Identify areas that you need to reduce the resources they are taking to balance things. In essence, work with data and make accurate decisions.

Running an ecommerce store is cheap or free

While some people think that running an ecommerce store is cheap, some people actually think that it is “free”. This is some ridiculous idea. Although it may seem efficient than a regular store, it is definitely not cheap or free. It takes time and resources to build an ecommerce store to standard. The major advantage of an ecommerce store is that it helps you save cost on a number of things.

Most importantly, nothing is instant. Therefore, do not think that traffic will come immediately your ecommerce store goes live. You will need to push it by promoting it. Do not underestimate the power of search engines. Always play to their rules. Finally, traffic does not always equal ROI.

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