When some e-commerce development firms and marketing influencers talk about Affiliate marketing, they talk about creating passive income, creating a life of freedom, yeah that’s good, it’s a good thing to say so, but these is the thing; there are lots of things going on the World Wide Web and you can easily get distracted. However, if you can be focused and you considering to up your affiliate game in 2019, here are some interesting facts and trends you probably need to keep on your radar as you start planning:

You Need A Mentor To Actually Succeed

Lot of people want success overnight, it’s not going to happen, you can make thousands of dollars over a month and make a complete life of freedom, affiliate marketing is not what you just plug into and begin to reap the rewards of success immediately. Entrepreneurship is not for everyone, but if you’re willing to put in the work, follow the ideal steps, take responsibilities for your own success; then you can make use of Affiliate marketing to sell other peoples products, I’m not talking about little commissions here, I’m talking about 30 -50 and sometimes even 75% commission when you make a sale doing the work from the comfort of your home. But just because the path to success is out there doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy to follow, actually you need a guide, someone who knows the way to success.

E-Mail Marketing Is Not Dead

If e-mail marketing is dead, why are so many entrepreneurs like me is making money with it, you must understand that whatever social media platform you decide to use for promoting your product; you do not own that platform, those platform can anytime shutdown, it can go offline, they can block your account at anytime, these platforms at times do undergo problems, though rarely, but when they do, they may tend not to be available for a specific period of time as we’ve seen in the case of Instalgram. So you have to understand that group of e-mail list is your business, you own it. Also, it’s not just been able to send e-mails, yes; that is very powerful, generating leads is the life-blood of your business, your e-mail list is very resourceful when it comes to running ads.

Ads are not equivalent to spam, so you can incorporate promotions in your email campaigns in the event that you pick. Nevertheless, the promotions ought to be incorporated as an expansion to your blog or web content and not be the greater part of your email.

When placing ads in your promotions, utilize still photos. Animated GIFs and Flash is not ensured to work for all email customers. Should in case you still want to use Animated GIFs or Flash, test your email meticulously before you send it to your list. Try not to use JavaScript in your campaigns, because most email clients block it as a security precautionary measure.

Having The Right Marketing And Product Strategy Is Key

At a point, you have to understand that marketing, aside from a good product, is the most important part of any business and every e-commerce development company firm can testify to that. No matter the kind of business, if there’s no marketing, you’ll fail. You have to market your product, your service, whatever you are promoting in front of people it would help; those that are actually in need of your product.

Now with the online space, there are many different platforms with strategy you can promote your product, common ones that can give you success are YouTube marketing, Facebook; in fact with Facebook you can make over six figures in a month if your marketing strategy is right. Instalgram is hot right now, its huge, you can do the following too, you don’t need to have a ridiculous following in order to make money, but so many people just don’t understand, what they’re good at, what suites them, what can you show up again and again; this is all about consistency guys, so you have to know what strategy to pick. Do you want to blog?, then concentrate on blogging, figure out what works for you, that’s the secret of success in affiliate marketing, the people who made a lot of money through blogging stuck to it, the same with other social media platform, so you have to stick to something and these is the biggest mistake affiliate marketers make; they use more than 3-4 platforms the same time and find they tend to be slow in creating any success at all. So be focused, stop being distracted about the next big marketing strategy out there, cut out other methods and stick to just one.

Also, for you to implement your strategy properly, you have to select a particular niche for your product, you have to be jumping around, avoid the shiny object syndrome, pick something you know you can be consistent with, and also passionate about so that you can continue to show up for your business every single day, so that your business doesn’t feel like a tiring job., because if you want to be successful, it’s going to require you show up every single day. So what’s the strategy in picking the perfect product? Many people get caught on these, they say; what’s the product that I should be promoting? Now this should have something to do with your niche. Now here is the strategy in picking a product; first, you have to know that the product is good, it needs to be making money, it needs to be creating sales and one o the easiest way of doing that is to look at what other entrepreneurs and some e-commerce development companies are successful at. If other people are making success in a particular thing, you are not an exception and there’s no reason you can’t do the same, so pick a product that has shown positive returns on profit, don’t jump around, stay consistent with the product and work things out by all means.

Customers Are More Interested In Results Than Your Product

Leverage on Artificial Intelligence (AI), to reach your customer emotionally. Drill into your head that a client has a pack of brands to pick from, he supposes from a heart that throbs for a specific one, which simply implies that your brand must need to put its 110 percent best in getting associated with its clients emotionally. Having considering this, it’s up to you to accompany a blockbuster up-selling and strategically pitching thought like some few Magento development firms are capable of doing.

What I intend to state is that the knowledge economy is now old fashion, but emotion economy is probably going to control affiliate marketing in 2019. What is  emotional economy; that we’re talking about? It’s an intriguing economy, an inclination of feeling, or a touch that includes individuals and their relationship, a concentrated research and information mining on the past activities or predictions of what activity every customer or client is going to take up and it will interest you to note that AI applications is making it a walkover. Indeed, let’s take for example, you distributed numerous photos of what you eat on your Facebook account, its Artificial intelligence that can pull out intelligence over how you feel through different pictures of eatables.

While following its impressions, there are numerous agencies and e-commerce development firms contributing many dollars on data  research and analytics, taking all things into consideration, these forecasts and predictions have a great deal of prospects with respect to simulated intelligence and AI controlled feeling economy.


Hyper-personalization is reality. Have you ever experience what  the job of Google assistant is? It’s the best case of hyper-personalization. To be precise, a smart television can help you in looking what you need to watch, its voice acknowledgment and machine knowledge gives you a chance to collaborate with your most loved show or motion picture in a wink. How do these come about? Does its producer implant your thoughts and perception in it? This is reality to an extent. Its producer penetrates and drills into a customer or client’s experiences by utilizing pervasive revolutionary technology.

As of late, an affiliate program called WebGains ganged up with IBM Watson to make affiliate marketing first chatbot. Controlled by an advanced AI ability, this chatbot can direct publishers via campaign management and help them discover the data they need. Artificial Intelligence is rapidly invading the affiliate-marketing sector and this instinctive technological invention can help e-commerce development companies in measuring up their performances and furthermore help them communicate consistently with several thousands of publishers. In the following couple of years, an unbridled technological take-up will be seen in the affiliate-marketing sector, making it substantially more proficient and viable

Avoid Bad Product Review At All Cost

A bad review is the worst element that can destroy a company’s reputation in the market. So it is critical to concentrate on getting a positive review at any time in question as an affiliate marketer. Let’s face it, anybody hoping to purchase from you is first going to Google your item together with the word review, and it is the substance of those comments, likes and reviews that will motivate them to really purchase something.

An ongoing report demonstrates that about 70 % of buyers will read reviews about the items they expect to purchase before focusing on a choice, and that trend seems to be the order of the day in e-commerce. Presently this is something that many franchise establishments can benefit from, as big franchise will in general get undeniably more positive reviews, and much of the time, the good by a long way exceeds the bad rating. So by simply participating or joining in part of a franchise, you may simply also benefit from these positive reviews that particular brand enjoys on daily basis.

Finally, note that whenever anyone is searching for reviews or testimonials, they’re simply inches from a buy and all they need is that little push over the edge to make them pay the cash. Overall, creating solid reviews, will keep on being a major trend in affiliate marketing, 2019 and years to come.

Having Your Site Optimized For Mobile Phone Access Is A Must

Mobile phone affiliate marketing is something you can’t stand to disregard. We shouldn’t be shocked if mobile web makes up to 80% of all online traffic in years to come. Thus marketing platforms should be adjusted and blend to support mobile in all ramifications. Mobile affiliate marketing is the process of mobilizing offers, strategies and tools tuned explicitly for the mobile audience, and it ought to be one of the primary trends to make use of in your affiliate marketing journey of 2019.

Obviously, the initial step is to check the quantity of purchases that have begun from your Smartphone, this will provide you with a reasonable thought of the amount you ought to be contributing or investing, or alternatively, is it even worth investing in your desktop traffic if it now only accounts for, say, 15%? Stabilized ratios can help you plan further into the future. While these medium may not be well cherished by some clients, they are more than powerful, and ought to be one of your arsenals in beating your competitors.

Furthermore, ensure that your web advertisements and social promotions make an impression to mobile users and that your website is constantly mobile-friendly, no customer will be keen on observing a distorted picture or image on their little screen. Also note that, statistics shows that  60% of clients surfing your site from Smartphone will leave your site if it doesn’t load under 3 seconds, so there’s no reason not to put resources into this part of your advertising agenda.