Customize wordpress login and register page

Get bored with old wordpress login style?

Okay! wpDitto is here to help you to get a nice customized wordpress login and registration page. We will explain all the way step by step.

Watching the video will help you to understand modificaiton esily

Watch my youtube video which I made for who are looking for customization video on youtube. I hope it will help you to modify login and registration with custom css and custom click. Even you can change background on both login page and login form

So lets start over here. Wordpress is comes with multiple feature like action hooks. By helping of action hooks you can modify any section and content on wordpress. To customize your login and registration page you can take help of ready made plugin. Using THISplugin will help you to customize your login and registration from few clicks. First of all you need to download this plugin from here. Install this plugin normally as others plugin installed. After that go to the wp login customize under the setting menu on admin dashboard.

As you can see there is a page with multiple setting. From here you can set Page background image, form background image, Logo of your websites etc.

Even you can add custom colors on the input fields and on the labels. Also you can set color of the button. All are easy steps. Now you will see magic on your wordpress login and registration page. There is a field for custom css as well. So if you want to add some custom css on you WordPress login page you can add them there. I am adding a screen shot of the color setting page.