You start your own website. You have a planned online activity and are now looking for your
own Web Hosting Service.

Ecommerce development company or e-commerce development will bring you the planning of
your website, which is crucial for the success of your business.
This is very similar to setting up a physical shop. Wouldn’t you make every effort to ensure that
all materials, suppliers and workers are perfect? If you don’t plan to create your website in the
same way, you could end up in hot water later.
The first step in creating a website is to find a good web host. A Web Hosting Service is a service that
offers you space on a server to propagate your site on the Internet. Yes, a bit like in the physical
world, it is like a place where your site will be stored for simplicity. Think of it as a space for
rent in the virtual world. web.
Now that we have talked about these technicalities, it is time to take a look at the main
characteristics of a good web host.
The most important and practical step in creating a website is to know what to consider in order
to have a good hosting service.
This is where you understand exactly what your website will look like.
What type of services will it offer?
Will it support videos?
Will users be able to download from the site?
These are the kinds of questions you need to have answered

Choose a type of hosting

The first thing you need to do to select a web host is to first understand the types of hosting
available for your website. There are 4 types of Web Hosting Service so far:



• Shared hosting:

The principle of this type of hosting is that you share a server with other clients. This reduces
costs especially if your storage needs are not very important (if you have a corporate website, a
blog, etc.)

• Dedicated hosting:

As its name suggests, dedicated hosting allows you to take advantage of a specific server
dedicated to your business with a clean operating system, which can be particularly interesting in
terms of security. It is a solution rather suitable for high traffic sites or e-commerce, for example.
This is a more expensive solution, so the investment must be consistent with the need.

• Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting:

This type of hosting works in the same way as dedicated hosting except that you have a virtual
machine installed on a dedicated server. The VPS allows more flexible evolution possibilities
than in the case of a more static dedicated hosting while saving on the total cost of hosting
because the resources are pooled. This accommodation is therefore particularly suitable for
companies destined to progress rapidly with needs that will develop over the medium term.

• Cloud hosting:

Cloud hosting is very similar to the principle of shared hosting, with the difference that it does
not depend on a single physical server but on several virtual servers. The main advantage is to be
able to offer very flexible possibilities in terms of availability and flexibility as hosting adapts to
your needs in real time by allocating you more or less bandwidth depending on your traffic, for
Each type of hosting has its advantages and limitations. The goal is to find the right compromise
and the best value for your particular needs.

Have a long-term vision

The main objective for a company, apart from saving money on its hosting, is to have a solution
that can evolve over time with the development of your business.
Take the example of a website that has few needs to date because the daily traffic remains
limited but you have estimated a strong growth in the medium or long term through significant
web marketing efforts. In this situation, it will be better to move towards a solution able to adapt
to these future needs, without technical difficulties, and without additional cost.
Generally speaking, it is better to choose a limited and inexpensive basic offer when you start,
even if you want to switch to a better offer later. So be sure to check that your host offers several
packages tailored to your current needs but also future.


One of the things you need is to determine how much storage space your website will need. If it’s
a site that regularly offers articles, photos and videos, then a basic storage amount of a few GB
should be ok. If you intend to have a strong interaction, perhaps buying online and with social
media aspects, you can opt for greater storage space.
The truth is that when a web host has unlimited storage or site traffic, it means it allows you to
use as much as you want, up to a point.
Yes, there are limits to “unlimited”, but chances are you’ll never reach that ceiling. In addition,
the most reliable hosts will give you a clear idea of the maximum approach and will begin to tell
you about your options for scaling up.


Bandwidth is the amount of data (for uploading and uploading) given to you by your host. If you
intend to have a lot of things available on your site that your users can download, you will need
more bandwidth.
Again, it will all depend on the nature of your business and what you plan to do with your
website. It is good to know that users prefer a website that is full of useful information and tools.
If you want to provide this kind of experience to your users, consider investing in greater


Blogs are a great way to connect with your audience. It’s also a great way to expand your
customer base. It helps you connect with other experts in your field. It gives you credibility and
strengthens your own knowledge.
Do not make the mistake of choosing a web hosting service that does not support blogs – you risk
losing on a very important feature for a website. Users like to hear from other people on certain
topics. Blogs also have a higher probability of benefiting from viral marketing.
It’s no secret that WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms on the web. A large
portion of WordPress hosting buyers are interested in blogging features. Users love the ease of
writing, the number of options available to match the personality of your blog and the huge
community behind the platform.

Technical support

This is perhaps one of the most important things you will not have to neglect. Your web hosting
service must be able to provide complete technical support for you.
This means that there must be someone ready and willing to solve the problems that your site
may encounter at any time. It is only natural that an efficient team of technical staff is at hand,
because it is your business we are talking about.
If your site is hacked, you need immediate help to solve the problem. If not, your reputation will
be defiled. Nobody likes to fail in business, and if that means having a strong technical support
team for your web hosting service, then so let it be.

Check the possibility of hosting your email addresses

Most of today’s hosting solutions offer hosting for your dedicated email addresses. These
addresses are usually in the following format Make sure that the
chosen hosting solution understands this service in the cost of the chosen formula, and that you
will have a sufficient number of addresses to support your internal organization adequately.

Choose a host in your target country

Typically, companies are advised to use a web host with physical servers located in the target
country of the hosted website. And this is explained for one main reason: allow your site to better
position itself in the search results of your target users.
The location of the servers is a proven SEO criterion, although of course, it is not the most
important criterion for your SEO. But as part of a reflection on the best choice of web host, it is
better still to put all the chances on your side. If your target country is England, then prefer to
choose a web hosting in the UK.

Also, consider this fact when choosing the extension (s) of your domain names.

Check server availability and connection speed

To choose between the many offers of web hosting market, you will have to compare some
technical data. In addition to the criteria related to the proposed formulas (number of e-mail
addresses, storage, etc.), certain data, such as the availability of servers or the connection speeds
will allow you to determine the performance of your potential providers.
The availability of servers, which is directly related to the reliability of hosting, is usually
expressed as a percentage and is very often displayed as between 99% and 100%. And while the
difference may seem very small in theory, it is much less so in practice. 1% over one year
represents more than 3 days, which can be very problematic for a website and especially for an
e-commerce, which cannot afford to be unavailable for too long or it will lose sales quickly.
The speed of connection of the servers is also a very good data to compare for your hosting
solutions. Indeed, it directly implies the speed of display of your pages, which will itself have an
impact on the performance of your site, your traffic, and your SEO. Indeed, the speed of loading
pages is a fundamental criterion of SEM for Google as for all other search engines.

Secure hosting

Whether you’re building a personal site to share your crazy furious poetry skills or launching an
online business, the security of your WordPress site should be of utmost importance to you. A
web host can help you in a variety of ways to secure your website in general: software update,
24-hour security monitoring, DDoS protection, free SSL certificates, and more.
To maintain secure WordPress hosting, it is important to keep the version of your WP software
up-to-date, install and update the plugins carefully, and use some form of site encryption service.
Some hosts include basic SSL certificates in some plans, or you can sign up for the security level
you want with services such as Symantec or The SSL Store.

Additional features

Do not underestimate the little things. Take the time of the added features that a web host may be
able to offer you. Things like a free domain name can weigh heavily in the choice.
Other points to consider are discounts if you subscribe to for a certain period of time. No matter
what you say, saving is great, especially for a long-term business. Maintain good relationships
with your web hosting service. Who knows, they can even offer a few months for free.
These are the characteristics you need to know in order to start off right. You’ve already decided
to start an online business, now it’s time to do it. No matter how excited you are, remember, good
planning will go far.

The creation of the website is only half the battle; its daily maintenance is another beast.